About the Label

ei8ht dreams is a Los Angeles-based denim-driven label designed in the heart of Los Angeles' Arts District and denim mecca. 
ei8ht dreams' mission is to offer uniquely romantic and organic designs which will redefine closet staples while retaining the commercial element of affordable and accessible fashion. Our designers constantly travel around the world to find new inspirations which translate in our feminine nostalgic pieces. In the world of dreams, eight stands for love, friendship, energy, enchantment, harmony, freedom, prosperity and eternity.


Meet the Designer

Fashion designer Stephanie Y. Park was born on Jan 13, 1979, in Seoul, South Korea.  The daughter of fashion designer in Seoul. she grew up in an artistic environment, influenced at a young age by her Mother’s fashion design background. Having graduated from the best Art School in Korea majoring in Art Education and Sculpture, she moved to San Francisco, California to pursue her dreams in fashion.  In 2005 she achieved the M.F.A. degree in fashion design from The Academy of Art University, San Francisco.
With over 10 years of experience as a collection designer in Los Angeles, she joined the ei8ht dreams team in 2015 to launch their fashion brand.  She focuses on feminine styling and indigos fashion based in the heart of the Los Angeles' art district.

She said it was the fresh turning point in her career when she took the fashion professional study courses in Central St. Martins, in London and Domus Academy in Milano during the summer of 2013. There she realized the importance of balancing different elements in design aesthetics as European fashion houses’ originality, fast paced lifestyle in Asia cities and American commercialism.

She gets her inspiration from her love of traveling to cities all over the world. She is keen on how people dress so differently in various cities which reflects their culture and environment.  It resonates when she designs new collections.  Her trademark is designing aesthetically proportioned pieces with a refined color palette and an effortless fitted silhouette.